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Keep track of your daily water consumption with water tracker and measure the calories you take! With this new Herbalife One application learn your Body Mass Index and ideal weight, find calories of your meals and know Herbalife products better… Wherever you are Herbalife One is one touch away.

With consumer friendly design, detailed menus and explanations Herbalife One is easy and practical!

What is your Body Mass Index?
Enter your height (m) and weight (kg) and calculate your BMI. Learn your ideal BMI for a healthy life.

Calorimeter: What is the calorie of your meal?
Form snacks to breakfast a big variety of foods are here in this app. Whenever you wonder about the calorie of your food just check it on Herbalife One.

What is your ideal weight?
What is your ideal weight according to your height, weight and gender for a healthy active life? The answer is here!

About Herbalife
Herbalife is changing people’s lives since 1980 with great products and the economic opportunity it has created. Herbalife products for nutrition, weight management, active life and personal care are being sold over 90 countries all over the world by Herbalife Independent Members. Supporting Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF) and Casa Herbalife programs, Herbalife helps kids who have difficulties with finding healthy food to get the necessary nutrition they need.
On the other hand, Herbalife sponsors more than 250 global athletes and team including Cristiano Ronaldo and LA Galaxy.
If you have any Herbalife products that you have not tried yet this is a good chance to meet.
Download free Herbalife One application and start controlling calories right now!

What's New in Version 1.2

-Fixed small bugs
-Updated content